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3D Indoor Golf Simulator Game Machine Professional


3D Indoor Golf Simulator Game Machine Professional
Place of Origin: Guangxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: QingHeng(Basketball Machine)
Certificate: Credit enterprises
Export Area: export to all over the world
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More products description :

E-GOLF Professional style introduction


IProducts Introduction



Indoor simulated golf system is one successful high-tech project in leisure and recreation area. It uses the computer graph techniques of handing to storage the international standard golf courses data into static memory. when the system runsthe computer automatically input the course data into dynamic memoryand through the big screen projector to project the course landscape to the screen before the playersmake a true feeling to the players. The players can choose suitable clubs through the caddie suggestionlike on the real golf coursehit the ball to the flagstaff on the putting green area. After the ball flyingmeasuring system will deliver the speedangledirection of rotation rotated speed  and other dates to host machine immediately the computer can work out the flying distancetrajectory and drop pointalso can show the flying track on the screenthen make the picture to the drop pointthe player will continue next clubuntil the ball into the hole. The whole process is the same as in the real golf course.




IIDetector Introduction






              Detector Picture                                                 Detector schematic


Ø Professional E-GOLF indoor golf simulator is the product what my company developed and improved after many yearsin the past basic of some style golf, it is the latest another golf simulator.

Ø Professional E-GOLF indoor golf simulator is powerful, simple operation, detection precision, so that you can play in a real feeling in indoor stadium.

Ø Professional E-GOLF   technological superiorityOur company is the only several software and hardware golf simulator producers, which can guarantee the soft and hardware compatibility completely. It can avoid the hitting delayed of most assembly equipment:



IIIDetector Technical Parameters


1Professional E-GOLF playing induction monitoring system is composed of more than 150 double infrared sensors, through monitoring the ball speed, golf club surface angle, Stem head speed, Lateral/cyclotron and many other detections , the accuracy of playing is 99.85%, Can accurately induct spin around etc.

2) Professional E-GOLF Can shows the true course view through precise measuring and practical shooting. Every single grass and buildings are the same with original courselike floating cloud, flow of water ,and there is a random weather conditions. Each object truly exists.

3) Professional E-GOLF simulator has absolute advantage in the domestic market share, which is the largest domestic first-class enterprise. So our company pushes the eaglesky2010 simulator to the market, golf simulator promoted by our company in the past three development years are the first chose brand in national regions indoor golf. We do not only provide equipment installation, commissioning and training service, but also our company steadily constantly develop software and upgrade hardware technology.


4) Professional E-GOLF simulator must be leading development new era in golf simulator industry with its top technology and popular characteristics


IVSoftware Introduction

Ø   Accurate translation four languages including Chinese English Korean and Japan in computer software, has videoed about 80 world-class golf courses now

Ø   The position of flag pole could display

Ø   Distance and topography instructions

Ø   You can customize changing weather, such as environmental factors, ball size, grass quality and calculating unit (meter or yard)

Ø   You can choose any of the 18 holes or several holes

Ø   unique competing mode, six people can play at the same time, which can increase interesting And can display the game scoring and the score result

Ø   There is distance display and voice explain at every shot

Ø   Special design of the software, which can improve the sound effects of hitting


VParts of golf courses introduction


1AoneChallenge to the nature》(Korea

  27hole  Mountains course   putting green difficulty

 Challenge to the nature fused together with the naturehigh-low hills and abrupt uneven putting greencrater lawn and sandpitusing natural streamswater adventure and so onshowing you bundles charming nature style and features.

2Century21fairyland ideal golf lane》(Korea

  18 hole  Mountains course   putting green difficulty:★☆


Century21 country club lays the nature about 1200 thousand square; it is 45 hole super golf fairway. At present,27hole have come into useits design caters to pursuing environmental conservation and the golf players ‘requestsdifferent from the ladder fairway designed with the terrainthere is much harmonious and nature beauty.  


3. PalonyhillsNatural dream charming fairway

18 holes  Mountains courses  putting green difficulty:★★★

Pursue the nature harmoniousat the same time in order to enhance golf lofty style, fairway scenery perfect infinite, 4 5 6 hole is mainly lake scenery,5th hole A green in the lake center, stepping charming grass, people will be relaxed and happy.

4. JingHuaCan feel challenge, passion, can enjoy the nature harmonious fairway》(China

18 Holes  Plain Courses   putting green difficulty:★★

There is stream and rivers around fairway, , step with full of the lake and sandy beach around the fairway, can enjoy extreme pleasure; Rivers, lakes and weeping willow around the fairway, is wonderful article excelling nature, natural and pure in each hole all can feel fantastic pure nature.


Golf course whole three-dimensional picture,hierarchical feeling, three-dimensional feeling are all very good, there is a menu item on the left bottom, can callout the order, which is very practical and convenience.

When you enter into the putting green area,three is putting green show, the map and the hole place in the top right corner.

There is swing data analysisyou can view the golf course in 360 angle.

 After hittingthe system will work out the flying distancelaunch anglevelocityremaining distancedirectionloftaround deviation and other data.



VIInstallation Example



According to customer’ actual install area size, our company can provide single screen/wide screen,three screen,arc-screen and can make Soft outside decoration or curtain style decoration plans for your choosing.