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NBA Basketball Machine, How Much Is A Basketball Machine


NBA Basketball Machine, How Much Is A Basketball Machine
Place of Origin: Guangxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: QingHeng(Basketball Machine)
Certificate: Credit enterprises
Export Area: export to all over the world
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  • Payment Term: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
  • Production Capacity: in stock,can be customize
  • MOQ: retailing/wholesaling
  • Delivery Date: 7 days after receiving 30% deposit
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  • Means of Transport: airway,seaway,international express(EMS,Fedex,TNT) etc.

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How Much Is A Basketball Machine?


NBA Series Basketball Machine







Size: L2500*H2500*900H (mm.)

Voltage: 220V/50H 110V/60HZ

Weight: 110kg



1. guarantee product: our basketball machine has obtained the Utility Model Patent Certificate through the SIPO(the State Intellectual Property Office).

2. upgraded technology: MP3 audio connecting, music can be changed; 

3.upgrade service: we not only supply machine, but also help you in management.

4.multiplayer: every single machine can connect with others' machine. 



1. the whole machine is made of steel framework and moistureproof MDF;

    the support tube use square steel tube and overstriking mesh screen;

    the cabinet use overstriking moistureproof MDF;

all these material keep the machine steady and durable.

2. the shooting display use PC endurable board;

3. the basketball hoop is made of stainless steel, and the net is made from nylon;

4. the coin device has a CPU memory function, which effectively preventing the false coin;

5. lottery function is optional(but add some money except the luxury type);

6. the high endurable motor is famous brand, which to control the basketball hoop's move from side to side;

7. the high quality metal photoelectric scoring machine can reduce the phenomenon of diorderly scoring or not scoring;

8. the high brightness LED display board can be clearly visible under the sunlight;

9. the universal roller make freely move;

10. the main-board has three years warranty;



1. background music and sound report. and the background music can be changed after MP3 audio connecting;

2. multiplayer function for maximun 32 sets. if there is one player pass, the others do.(multiplayer function need add some money);

3. there are eight levels for the game. each level's score is: first is 40, second is 120, third is 250, forth is 400, fifth is 550, sixth is 700, seventh is 850, eighth is 950 scores.

the final 20 seconds of every level is three scores per goal. and the pass score of every level can be adjustable(1~999 score);

4.the pass time of each level can be adjustable (20~90 seconds);

5.coin can be adjustable(1pc/time, 2pcs/time, 3pcs/time) , or even non-coin;

6.has the function of electric check account, convenient to management;

7.the basketball hoop starts to moves from side to side at the second lever, and stop to move when the game is over;

8. insert coin, the dam-board release ball automatic, and stops balls when game is over

9. there are three display board, they are the high score record, time remaining, and your score.