Qingheng Group Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Qingheng Group is composed of 3 wholly owned subsidiaries and a holding subsidiary company that share the same Qingheng brand and culture, hereinafter called Qingheng Group or Qingheng Company. Qingheng Company began in the year 2007 as a small company established by a young man named Zhong Chaoyuan who just graduated from the university. With his technology and excellent management, Qingheng develops fast as a group as it is today.


Every subsidiary of the Qingheng Group has its role. Qingheng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary, is the internet marketing center of the whole group. Its main responsibility is to study and research the e-commerce platforms and SEO, marketing the products locally and world-widely through internet.


Qingheng Sports & Culture Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, also wholly owned, is the R&D and manufacturing center of the group. The professional R&D team brought out new products here and all of the Qingheng products were manufactured in this center.

Another wholly owned subsidiary is JOPO Technology Co., Ltd, it was divided from Qingheng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.. JOPO company runs the special project of Scooter and similar amusement equipments. As the group developing, we will have more and more companies for other special projects, like Carousel, Shooting Games etc.


Singta Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologies serving company, holding subsidiary of Qingheng, specializing in providing quick website solutions for the e- commerce enterprises.